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About Us

What is PARA™?

PARA™ | परा

means supreme truth in Sanskrit. We are all products of our truths and beliefs. Beliefs form attitudes, attitudes succeed behavior and our success or failure is determined by our behavior. By observation and alteration of these beliefs, we lead every individual onto their path of success.

To induce learning and behavior change, we have built our methodologies around

  • Theatre-based learning

  • Service-based learning

Theatre-based Learning

 Theatre-based learning is an adaptation of visual (seeing), auditory (hearing) and kinesthetic (feel) elements. Usage of music, dance, act ours, visual paintings etc,enriches reflection and expression while smoothing the process of behavior change.

Service-based Learning

Service-based learning induces social sensitization: understanding these societal patterns enables individuals to empathise, bringing in empathy as a lifestyle is the main motive of this kind of learning, as it connects to our roots, creates responsible individuals and dynamic leaders.

Our training modules are result-oriented and we begin from the end in mind. They are well researched and are built around various behavioural sciences like Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP), Cognitive Reprogramming, Emotional Intelligence and other psychological and psychometric tools. 

We aim to bring out the best version of you.

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